Repentance: What Is It, Really?

Here’s another interesting session of programming that was aired on Issues, Etc. (  The topic has to with one (of many) question that tends to dog us:  Repentance, What Is It?

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Rod gives us a substantially biblical definition of what repentance is, as well as explains what it is not (but is commonly believed to be).  The conversation affirms that Christ alone (His person/His accomplishment) is Our hope, not you, not I.

The Gospel Connection

Tim Keller had said,

“…in the gospel, repentance reconnects you to the source of your power and your confidence and your joy. Why? Because the source of your self image, the source of your power, the source of your confidence is not your record, but his record. Not what you have done, but what he has done.”

Confessing Sin in light of the Gospel

I encourage you to listen to Irons preach and then consider how this compares to the general thrust of what we will hear next Sunday.  When Lee is done serving the flock the Bread of Heaven, Jesus Christ, there is a real sense of comfort and confidence about having been adopted into this great family!

Lee Irons on Confessing Our Sins

My hope is that you, my friend, are weekly provide the genuine sustenance of a Gospel ministry.