Romans 7 (Saul, Paul, or Israel)

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Pro-Life, Rhetoric, and Obama

For those who might be interested, here are four resources that speak to a Two-Kingdom perspective on our current political climate:


Mike Horton: How Pro-Life Are You?


Don Eberly: The Common Good and Common Grace


Jason Stellman: Tender Conscience of King Obamalech


Lee Irons: A Plea To Tone Down The Rhetoric

Suffering “for” or “against” the Gospel?

Martin Downes wrote:  “It is a solemn thought that God can sustain his people when they suffer for the gospel so that they will not be ashamed of the testimony of their Lord. It is a solemn thought that Jesus Christ will make his enemies a footstool for his feet.”



Gospel Reveals More of God’s Justice

Thomas Goodwin:    “…for in the gospel, and works of redemption, they came to see all that they saw before; and this more clearly and largely, wherein they see more power in Christ, ‘the power of God,’ 1 Cor. 1:24. In raising himself up from death to life, declared with power thereby to be the Son of God, Rom. 1:4, and also the exceeding greatness of his power in raising us up also, Eph. 1:19, as might easily be shewed greater than in the creation.

“Wherein they likewise see a greater and clearer instance and manifestation of his justice, in putting to death his own Son, taking on him to be a surety for sin, than if a world of worlds had been damned for over. And in that his Son also, they came to see a greater and more transcendent righteousness than ever appeared either in the law or is inherent in the angels; for if all their righteousness were put into one, it could but justify themselves, it could not satisfy for the least breach of the law in another. But in the gospel, and work of redemption, we see a righteousness of that breadth that is able to cover the sins of millions of worlds; of that length that it reacheth to eternity, and no sin in God’s people can wear it out or nullify the virtue of it.




Dead to the Law in Christ

The gist of it…Gentiles don’t have THE “written code” (Rom.2:27) but have THE “work” of the law on their heart, that is, no codified law of words but a functionality of right/wrong at work. There is a momentum within each and every person that reflects something of His maker’s original design, which is testified to by even their conduct (albeit not perfect) as its natural reaction to common injustice is retribution. Their consciences also bear witness to this reality in their inner man, though they do not credit God for such.

Those in Adam continue living according to the remnants of the first covenant made with man, that broken covt of works. Hence, fallen humanity limps along a path with some semblance of righteousness, and yet no law of Canaan or conscience will provide what it demands. These laws do not grant life but relentlessly demand what sinners cannot possibly render. Thus, *God did what the Law could not*, and He keeps on doing something within His people, even when they needlessly turn back to shadows and faded glory in hopes of becoming what they are.

God help us to understand that, what is obsolete (Mosaic covenant) is never to be resurrected, for it finds it’s end and incarnation in Chirst himself, the mediator of a better covenant.


Heart of Natural Law

Question:What exactly is written on the hearts of Gentiles in Romans 2? The entire Mosaic law or just part of it?”

Answer:  The Gentiles (all unbelievers) have a standard of righteousness (alluded to in Jn.16.8ff) written on their hearts, which is the *functional equivalent* or “work” (“Do this and live!”) of the Moasic order.

v12 All […Gentiles] who have sinned [which is ALL Gentiles] without the law [of Moses] will also perish without the law [of Moses]

v13 …the doers of the law [Law of Conscience (Gentiles) & Law of Moses (Jews)] who will be justified.

v14 …Gentiles, who do not have the law, by nature do what the law requires, they are a LAW TO THEMSELVES, even though they do not have the law.


v15 They show that the WORK of the law is written on their hearts, while their CONSCIENCE also bears witness…


* More to come….