NEW SELF: New Creation in Christ

“Old self” is dead, having been crucified once-for-all with Christ.

“New self” is the new life we now have in Christ: new heart, new mind, new spirit, and the Holy Spirit.

Forever forgiven.

Saved (made a new creation, through new birth in Christ) once-for-all in Christ’s once-for-all sacrifice and eternal priesthood.

All sin(s) forgiven; full fellowship now; no longer slaves to the reign of Sin (original Sin, Adam’s); now held captive by the reigning Lord of Life.

Forever are we reconciled…this is something we will reckon with daily.

As a people with new hearts/minds under a New Cov’t, we are therefore now bearing a new image (identity) that actually shapes our self awareness as Saints (no longer Sinners, in the NC sense).


2 responses to “NEW SELF: New Creation in Christ

  1. Think I find myself on the same page as you. Recognition that we are new creation lies at the heart of Gospel and tends to be only partly grasped by many of my good reformed peers with whom I have much in common.

  2. Appreciate the comment, John!

    Yes, our reformed brethren hold something of a different perspective on all this. Though I appreciate a good deal of what they espouse, this is one area where I do not. Fact is, most evangelical and covenantal anthropologies fall short of the mark, of embracing the fuller realities of the New Covenant and our living within it here and now, as the Gospel effectually bears fruit.

    We are often said to be those who have “nothing good in us.” Merely “sinners” who are awaiting the Return or death. This kind of rhetoric is so widely accepted that it is very difficult for believers to question it. It’s been pounded into our heads for so long we just accept it. And yet, there is no biblical (New Cov’t) warrant for such claims.

    The Gospel is this good and we struggle to accept the fact. We are not only saved but partakers in the new creation here and now…having a new soul (mind/heart/spirit) and the Holy Spirit now indwelling and renewing. Sounds like there’s a lot already going on to me. Sadly, we are often told otherwise.

    Too often…as believers we are living with a ‘MISTAKEN IDENTITY.” Just assuming we merely have a TICKET to heaven but left behind merely waiting for our train to come in. Rather than…being of a new covenant mindset, seeing ourselves as those who are already being swept up into the glorious, triumphal procession. Triumphal, not as in taking over the culture/world…but as in having Christ already reigning in our hearts and our already delighting in such.

    The deal is…as believers…we too can be found “stumbling over the Gospel!”

    Thanks again for commenting, brother!


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