ISLAM: More Than A Religion!

Among all the programs I’ve heard about Islam, this one by the folks at the White Horse Inn is probably at the very top:  Christianity Confronts Islam

Muslim scholar and former professor of Shari’ah law, Sam Solomon, helps answer questions like:

What is the meaning of Jihad?

Is Islam really a religion of peace?

What does the Koran say about terrorism?

There is little doubt in my mind that our (and our children’s) days will continue to be filled with conversation and (mis-) information about what Islam is and how/why it functions in the manner it does.  This program helps provide a sieve whereby we can begin to sift through the glut of so-called information thrown our way.

A sample of what’s discussed in this program:

  • God created only Muslims.
    1. All who don’t submit to Allah are ultimately those who are apostate, having broken away from Allah’s original design.
  • Christians and Jews are the worst of Allah’s creatures
  • Islam is not a mere Religion, but is a system containing ALL of the following dynamics:
    1. Socio-economic
    2. Socio-judicial
    3. Socio-legislative
    4. Socio-militaristic
    5. Socio-religious
    6. Socio-familial
    7. Etc. (it is a complete worldview; a culture-wide system; ALL is to be made holy…in EVERYTHING being brought into open/active submission to Allah!)
      1. ALL crime is sin
      2. ALL sin is crime
      3. Insubordinate (apostate) ones are enemies of Islam/The State
  • Muslims can lie (even under “oath”), and in this not only avoiding violating the way of Allah but actually enhances it.
    1. Particularly in cases involving non-Muslims (infidels)
    2. Shake hands with the infidel, you may; but be sure to wash before going to prayers.
  • The Koran is not to be subjected to any criticism whatsoever!!!
    1. Not a single teaching of the Koran is to be question.
      1. A child is not to ask: “Was Mohammad really a prophet of Allah?”
  • The Koran is to be treated with TOTAL reverence.
    1. There is to be no questioning of the historical veracity of the Koran.
    2. A good Muslim is to ignore the open contradictions of the Koran:
      1. I.e., “Mary is both:  Moses’ sister / Jesus’ mother!”
  • Blind “submission” is to be given to the Koran, without any hesitance whatsoever.
  • Hitler and the Nazis were greatly appreciated by Islam
    1. Nazis protected Muslims, providing safe havens for them in European countries.
    2. Nazis persecuted Jews and Christians, for which Islam is grateful.
  • Europeans (governments and churches) have come to embrace the role of Islam, both abroad and at home (in Europe).
    1. Liberal European Churches
      1. The Council of European Bishop’s Conferences
        1. Quote:  “Another important area of work is relations with Islam in Europe, carried on jointly with the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences.”
      2. They accept Mohammad as a Prophet of the Old Testament and that Jesus was a Muslim.
        1. Quote from Issues in Christian-Muslim Relations: Ecumenical Considerations“The prophets, many of whom are the great figures of the Bible Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, John the Baptist and Jesus Son of the Virgin Mary – all brought essentially the same message. Ultimately, God sent Muhammad as His final Prophet, confirming and validating the messages of all earlier prophets and entrusting him with the Qur’an, the literal, complete, perfect revelation of God’s message and will. Consequently, Islam claims to be at one and the same time both universal and particular. Every child born into the world is by nature a “Muslim”, for Islam is held to be the primordial and natural religion. In the Qur’an, figures like Abraham, Jesus and his disciples, who lived before Muhammad, are called “Muslims”.”
      3. Just a glance at this book The European Union, Turkey and Islam will give one a flavor for what’s taking place.
    2. European Governments
      1. There is something of an Islamic Revolution taking place in Europe, to which books like this one attests: Eurabia: the Euro-Arab Axis
  • The so-called “War on Terror” fails to see the whole picture.
    1. “Jihad” is incarnate in the entire Muslim way, not merely in an “Insurgency”.
      1. The challenge that the West faces is that Jihad is often ‘faceless’, as it operates in the West.
  • The Koran espouses “terror”
    1. “The Jews and Christians say: ‘We are the children of God and His loved ones.’ Say: ‘Why then does He punish you for your sins?” (Surah 5:18)
    2. “Make war on them until idolatry shall cease and God’s religion shall reign supreme.” (Surah 8:36-)
    3. “Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it.” (Surah 2:216)
    4. “Slay them wherever you find them…Idolatry is worse than carnage…Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God’s religion reigns supreme.” (Surah 2:190-)
    5. “…make war on the leaders of unbelief…Make war on them: God will chastise them at your hands and humble them. He will grant you victory over them…” (Surah 9:12-)
    6. “If you do not fight, He will punish you sternly, and replace you by other men.” (Surah 9:37-)
  • The Koran denies Christ’s incarnation and crucifixion:
    1. “‘How shall I bear a child,’ she [Mary] answered, ‘when I am a virgin…?’ ‘Such is the will of the Lord,’ he replied. ‘That is no difficult thing for Him…God forbid that He [God[ Himself should beget a son!…Those who say: ‘The Lord of Mercy has begotten a son,’ preach a monstrous falsehood…” (Surah 19:12-, 29-, 88)
    2. “The God will say: ‘Jesus, son of Mary, did you ever say to mankind ‘Worship me and my mother as gods besides God?’ ‘Glory to You, ‘he will answer, ‘how could I ever say that to which I have no right?” (Surah 5:114-)
    3. “Say: ‘Praise be to God who has never begotten a son; who has no partner in His Kingdom…” (Surah 17:111)
    1. “Christ was not crucified (Surah 4:157) but those who believed He never died should ponder over this verse (i.e. 33 of Surat al-Maryam)”.

15 responses to “ISLAM: More Than A Religion!


    Religious matter can be studied scientifically too as is evident from my following comments:


    Religion and Yoga reflect identical meaning. Religion (re-ligare) means union again with Ultimate Reality or binding back to Absolute. Yoga is the derivative of Sanskrit root ‘yuj’ which means yoking of power of body, mind and soul. Yoga primarily consists of concentration, meditation and realization apart from practicing asans, mudras and breath control which help to achieve concentration and physical and emotional well-being. Yoga is experimental technique of spiritualism. Religion is blend of ritual and spiritual. Rituals dominate religion these days. Whereas rituals are altogether not necessary for practicing yoga.
    Yoga in India has been practiced since the dawn of the human civilization, according to Hindu mythology millions of year back.
    In Bhagavad-Gita Lord SriKrishna says to Arjuna:
    “I taught this immortal Yoga to Vivasvan (sun-god), Vivasvan conveyed it to Manu(his son), and Manu imparted it to (his son) Iksvaku. Thus transmitted to succession from father to son, Arjuna, this Yoga remained known to the Rajarisis (royal sages). It has however long since disappeared from this earth. The same ancient Yoga has this day been imparted to you by Me, because you are My devotee and friend, and also because this is a supreme secret”.
    At this Arjuna said: You are of recent origin while the birth of Vivasvan dates back to remote antiquity. How, then, I am to believe that you taught this Yoga at the beginning of creation? Lord SriKrishna said: Arjuna, you and I have passed through many births. I remember them all, you do not remember.

    Famous historian Romila Thapar has described in her book A History of India about the status of Yoga in 300-700 A.D. She writes: “Yoga (Application) which was based on the control of the body physically and implied that a perfect control over the body and the senses led to knowledge of the ultimate reality. A detailed anatomical knowledge of the human body was necessary to the advancement of yoga and therefore those practising yoga had to keep in touch with medical knowledge.”
    As far as anatomical knowledge of human body is concerned it is very much required for the optimum result during practice of Yoga. Yoga system has very close connection with the human anatomy i.e. chakra or nerve centres distributed along the spinal column and in brain region.
    Besides, connection chakras with the practice of Yoga, chakra has also great role in the development of personality. People do not realise that personalities can grow to include a balance of all the six chakras. Jung referred to this growth process as “individuation”, and associated it with life’s spiritual dimension. Danah Zohar evolves a model of spiritual quotient (sq) based on the six petals of a lotus and its centre, corresponding to the seven chakras described by the Hinduism’s Kundalini Yoga, as an aid to the process of individuation in the mid-1990s. Contribution of Danah Zohar for coining the term spiritual quotient for the first time is immense. But she did not establish any mathematical relationship, which is very much required, for this quotient.

    Deepak Chopra has given a formula of spiritual quotient in terms of Deed (D) and Ego (E). According to Deepak Chopra S.Q. =D/E. He (2006) writes: If Vedanta is right and there is only one reality, then all desires must follow the same mechanics, desires arise and are fulfilled in consciousness. Making yourself happy involves ….. I have a ” Spiritual Quotient” where SQ = D/E. Where D = Deeds and E = Ego. Now you can ONLY have an SQ = infinity when E = 0. If E is little even then SQ is approaching infinity (or one is close to be a “Great Master”) but not actually “Pure .This appears to be very fascinating but it is highly abstract which cannot be measured experimentally, accurately and precisely. However, this formula has immense value to understand S.Q.

    I have also discovered a mathematical relationship for S.Q about eight years back in 2001. I have used physiological parameters which can be measured accurately and precisely and can be tested and verified experimentally. According to this formula S.Q. can be expressed as the ratio of parasympathetic dominance (P.D.) to sympathetic dominance (S.D.). Parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) and sympathetic nervous system (SNS) are the two parts of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) which is largely under hypothalamic control. Hypothalamus is situated very close to the Sixth Chakra. During practice of meditation at Sixth Chakra these centres are galvanized which has very positive effect on practitioners spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical well being.

    According to this relationship spiritual quotient can be written as:
    S.Q. = P.D./S.D.
    If the value of S.Q. comes >1 (greater than one), it can be assumed that the person is moving towards self-realisation and if the value of S.Q. comes

    o According to His Holiness Huzur Maharaj, the Second Most Revered Spiritual Head of Radhasoami Faith had stated : “Love or Force of attraction (i.e. the Force of Cohesion) is the Param Tattva or the chief ingredient of the creation, i.e. the entire creation has come into existence out of Love and is sustained by Love.” In scientific terminology this is known as Gravity.
    Based on my recent comments posted in various blogs , I have postulated a hypothesis. propose. Theoretical Physics describes four fundamental forces of nature viz., weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, electromagnetic force and force of gravity. Here we can present an analogy. Weak and strong nuclear forces represent pancha-bhutas or the five elements. Electromagnetic force represents force of current of mind which mainly works through sensory organs and force of gravity represents supra-causal state of Consciousness. We know that during advanced stage of practice of meditation and yoga pancha-bhutas or five elements merge into mind and mind into supra-causal state of Consciousness and ultimately Individual Consciousness merges into Cosmic Consciousness. This is the state of Perfect Bliss or Self-Realization. Likewise during the reverse process of Cosmic Evolution i.e. Perfect Dissolution of the Universe, weak and strong nuclear forces merge into electromagnetic force and electromagnetic force merges into force of gravity.
    In the beginning, the entire Creation came into existence from this Single Force Current which later on manifested into many force currents during the process of Cosmic Evolution.
    Gravitation Force is the Ultimate Creator, this paper I presented at the 1st Int. Conf. on Revival of Traditional Yoga, held at The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India), Lonavla, Pune in 2006. The Abstract of this paper is given below:
    The Universe includes everything that exists. In the Universe there are billions and billions of stars. These stars are distributed in the space in huge clusters. They are held together by gravitation and are known as galaxies. Sun is also a star. Various members of the solar system are bound to it by gravitation force. Gravitation force is the ultimate cause of birth and death of galaxy, star and planets etc. Gravitation can be considered as the cause of various forms of animate and inanimate existence. Human form is superior to all other forms. Withdrawal of gravitational wave from some plane of action is called the death of that form. It can be assumed that gravitation force is ultimate creator. Source of it is ‘God’. Gravitational Field is the supreme soul (consciousness) and its innumerable points of action may be called as individual soul (consciousness). It acts through body and mind. Body is physical entity. Mind can be defined as the function of autonomic nervous system. Electromagnetic waves are its agents through which it works. This can be realized through the practice of meditation and yoga under qualified meditation instruction. This can remove misunderstanding between science and religion and amongst various religions. This is the gist of all religious teachings – past, present and future.

    • Dear Anirudh –

      Appreciate your taking a moment to explain your world-view and hope for humanity, etc. It sounds like one could well sum up all you’ve said, in saying “Matter and its motions constitute the entire universe. Everything in the universe has to be regarded as due to material causes.” In essence…we are talking about Materialism.

      I’m inclined to ask: What do you do with God who is incarnate, crucified, and risen in the person Jesus Christ? Or, simply put: What do you do with the Resurrection of Christ Jesus the Lord?

      There is at least one thing that we agree upon here. That is, that the “gist of all religious teachings” can be summed up quite briefly. Though I do believe there is a fundamental distinction between a genuine Christian faith and the religious practices of all other faiths. Simply, Christian faith is rooted and ground entirely in the person and work(s) of Jesus Christ, who was/is/forever God in the flesh. This alone is the Christian’s hope.

      Without the Christ of the New Testament text…in all His being and doing…you and I are hopeless. You and I can try as hard as we might to “connect” with the Universe itself, but all this is but an exercise in futility. It is the Creator, Jesus Christ, with whom we must be connect (being rightly related). Fact is, we all are connected to Christ, but not all are “rightly” connected.

      As the Creator, Redeemer, Consummator-God (who is in and of himself Love) he has done all things essential to being and purpose of those who believe this Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      As for all other religion, it amounts to a vain attempt to move toward God (albeit distorted images of the true and living God) by way of self-effort (religious, moral, etc). They (false religions) attempt this move God-ward in an effort to deny the truth that God (in Jesus Christ) has moved man-ward.

      God seeks sinners (those fallen in Adam) whom He alone can redeem eternally in Christ Jesus.


      Matthew Morizio (Gospel Muse)

  2. Dear Mathew

    Thank you very much for your very prompt response and appreciation. I am not talking about Materialism only. From Materialism we can prove religious matter scientifically. My intention is from Materialism to Spiritualism. In my view Gravitation Force is not Material. It is Spiritual.

  3. Hello again, Anirudh –

    Understood. However, my concern would not be to attempt to remove an alleged “misunderstanding” between science (proper) and an authentic Christian faith, which I do not believe exists. The two are quite compatible, with each respecting the others purpose, function, and scope. There is no need to assume any conflict.

    Science –> limited to the natural phenomena, based upon observation and repeatability, thereby develops a system that acquires knowledge of things natural. Man’s investigation, discovery and explanation of the natural realm, natural revelation.

    Faith –> genuine biblical faith (as opposed to those that claim to be biblical but under close scrutiny are found to be otherwise) is rooted and ground in divine special revelation (God’s revelation, the Bible) having to do primarily with the One true and living God (Creator/Redeemer/Judge/Consummator) redeeming both humanity and all of creation, through the person and work of Jesus Christ.

    Just as *sound science* knows better than to attempt to answer ultimate questions about metaphysics (which philosophy takes a stab at and often fails), so too *sound theology* (Christian faith) knows better than to pretend to be able to answer particular questions about the make up and function of the physical realm.

    The two disciplines can and do co-exist quite nicely, when their scope is properly understood. In one sense, they are rooted in two distinct sources (natural and super-natural revelation) and yet ultimately they are related in the One Creator, Jesus Christ the Lord.

    What I find your perspective to be is one of Monism, of which Materialism would be something of an offspring.

    I’d be very interested in what you do (not merely think or feel) with the *historic events* regarding the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth? How do you reconcile Monism with the truth claims of Jesus Christ?

    In sum: What do you do with the Resurrection of Christ Jesus the Lord?


  4. According to His Holiness Sir Sahabji Maharaj, Fifth Spiritual Head of Radhasoami Faith, the goal of Science-Truth; the goal of Philosophy-Ultimate Reality and the goal of Religion -God are the three names of the same supreme essence.

  5. Dear Matthew

    As far as my views are concerned, resurrection, if it happens to occur, does not occur with each and every one. If it occurs at all, it is uncommon. However, rebirth occurs with each and every one as a matter of routine and in case of rare souls it is known as ‘reincarnation’.

    With very warm regards and best wishes for a very happy and prosperous new year 2010.


  6. Hello Anirudh –

    Thank you for the New Years greeting, sir, and the same to you!

    I’ve been thinking a bit about our conversation over the past few days…and the obvious dawned on me…you didn’t bother to interact with my original blog post. Please allow me to recommend that in the future, whether on this blog or elsewhere on the Internet, you refrain from posting responses (comments) that have no direct relationship to the initial blog entry. This gives the appearance of being nothing more than SPAM, and in itself gives less credibility to your claims. Nonetheless…

    Those things aside…tell me a little about you. Are you a citizen of the USA (born here)? What was your upbringing, spiritually? When did you begin to believe the claims of Hinduism? And, why?


    I intend to interact with you a bit on your comments about the essence of reality and the reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But, I first wanted to get a bit more familiar with who you are and why.

  7. Dear Matthew

    You have asked me really very interesting question. Before I tell you something about me, I would like to clear some of my views on your following comments:

    You have mentioned that ‘every child born into this world is by nature a “Muslim” and ‘Islam is a natural relgion”.

    In fact every child born into this world is by nature a biological unit or a cosmological entity and nothing else. And every religion is natural, not only one or two.

    I am a follower of Radhasoami Faith. Radhasoami Faith is a religion of Sant Tradition. Replying ‘who’ is easy but replying ‘why’ is sensitive. But when you have asked me this question I would like to mention that –

    Radha Soami Faith was founded by His Holiness Param Purush Puran Dhani Huzur Soamiji Maharaj on the prayer of His Holiness Huzur Maharaj who later on became second Spiritual Head of Radha Soami Faith. The prime object of the Radha Soami Faith is the emancipation of all Jeevas (Souls) i.e. to take the entire force of consciousness to its original abode. There is a tradition of succession of Gurus or Spiritual Adepts in Radha Soami Faith. I am one of them as is evident from the following facts or ….

    “My most Revered Guru of my previous life His Holiness Maharaj Sahab, 3rd Spiritual Head of Radhasoami Faith had revealed this secret to me during trance like state.

    HE told me, “Tum Sarkar Sahab Ho” (You are Sarkar Sahab). Sarkar Sahab was one of the most beloved disciple of His Holiness Maharj Sahab. Sarkar Sahab later on became Fourth Spiritual Head of Radhasoami Faith.

    Since I don’t have any direct realization of it so I can not claim the extent of its correctness. But it seems to be correct. During my previous birth I wanted to sing the song of ‘Infinite’ (Agam Geet yeh gawan chahoon tumhri mauj nihara, mauj hoi to satguru soami karoon supanth vichara) but I could not do so then since I had to leave the mortal frame at a very early age. But through the unbounded Grace and Mercy of my most Revered Guru that desire of my past birth is being fulfilled now.”

  8. Hello again, Anirudh –

    Regarding the comment on Islam…that’s not my view but those of classic Islam itself. They believe that you and I are ultimately Muslims-gone-bad. Hey! Maybe we have something in common afterall! Anyway. (:

    Regarding your remark about “every child born into this world” that they are “a cosmological entity and nothing else”…according the the Christian Scriptures, Jesus of Nazareth was both biologically/spiritually fully human AND fully the one eternal God (second person of the Trinity) Incarnate. He alone is the only historical human being who did/does/will possess full Deity. And, it was because He is the sole God-man, come to redeem His people from their sins (granting full/free forgiveness and full/free righteousness), that He alone is to be worshiped.

    Yes, I took some time yesterday afternoon to find out a bit more about you and the Sant Tradition. Interesting.

    What you’ve shared here raises a number of questions, which I hope to ask soon. But, for the time being…I’m curious as to your nation of origin [place of natural birth, most recent, of course (:] and the type of natural family you were raised in (religious orientation?).

    Could you answer those for me? Thanks.

    Kind regards,

    Regarding religion…personally, I wouldn’t classify authentic Christianity as a “natural religion.” I believe ALL other religions to be natural religions, in their being grounded fully in the works-righteousness of its adherent. Whereas, in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ there is a GREAT exception…His personal and perfect righteousness (works!) are to sole basis for complete forgiveness of sins and full source of righteousness for all those who believe this to be true of Him and that they themselves are morally and spiritual corrupt in being and doing.

    As a believer/disciple of Christ Jesus the Lord, there is NO WORK for me to do in order to gain or maintain a present and perfect full communion with the one true and living God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), now and forevermore. This alone is the sole basis of TRUE ASSURANCE for the genuine disciple of Jesus Christ. In this alone, we who worship the Creator, and not mere men, find eternal rest even now for our souls and a future rest for the incorruptible body and soul in the Resurrection unto Eternal Life.

  9. Dear Matthew

    Thanks for being curious to know about my some personal details. I am an Indian. I was born in District – SITAPUR on 5th September, 1955 in a family of highly religious background. I respect all religions and their teachings.



  10. Hello Anirudh –

    One more personal question (thanks for bearing with me!): What is it that you do for a vocation and what formal education have you underwent?

    I see that you are from an area nearer to Nepal. In a former occupation, I was employed along with a fellow from Nepal. Good man. Actually, if I remember correctly…he was a convert to Christianity.

    Do you currently reside within the USA?

    I myself, was raised a Roman Catholic up until adulthood, when I then was converted to Christianity (a strictly gracious orientation, unlike Catholicism’s mixing both grace and works). My own place of birth and current residence is in the greater Albany, NY area. Currently, I am employed as an estimator/project manager for a site development company (i.e., earthwork and utilities). As for my education, I’ve underwent some formal education related to both general principles of construction and theology. At present, I hold no formal degree in anything particular.

    Most all of what I currently believe has come about in the way of informal study (Scripture reading, theological studies, etc). This is my passion! And, I continue to grow in delight and conviction concerning the historic and eternal work/person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Currently, my theological orientation doesn’t square very well with the run-of-the-mill evangelicalism or reformed tradition, though I probably have a greater affinity with the latter.

    My own perception of myself is that I am a rather average person intellectually, though I am very intrigued by the intellectual efforts of men to reason as to who they are and why. Thus, I’ve come to believe that Christianity is a most rational and realistic, belief and practice. Nonetheless, my confidence rests not in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God (particularly as it was demonstrated in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ).

    Kind regards,

  11. Dear Matthew

    Thank you Brother Matthew for your very keen interest in me and in my work. I have never been in USA. I reside in Dayalbagh (Headquarters of Radhasoami Faith). Dayalbagh is part of Agra district. Agra is famous for Taj Mahal. I have never been to USA. I am living in India since birth. Yes, of course, India is nearer to Nepal.

    I have bachelor’s degree in Botany, Chemistry, Zoology and General English, post-graduate degree in Psychology (specialization in Clinical Psychology and Personality). I also have Bacheler of Education degree and I did Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Management. I have no formal degree in Theology but I have great interest, like you, in theology and I am working in this area for years.

    Thank you

  12. Dear Matthew

    It’s my pleasure to have entered into a fruitful interaction with you. I wish it to continue longer. You have very deep and intelligent insight into the matters related to Theology. I have also written some comments on Theology which are posted below:

    All cosmological researches should be conducted keeping in view of the following philosophical facts:
    It has been stated in Bible (John I-1) “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,”
    Mohammedans hold that God uttered ‘Kun’ (i.e. ‘Came into being’) and the creation came into being (Holy Quran, Sur. Bakr (II.117).
    In Chhandogya Upanishad it is written “Tadaikshat bahu syam prajayeyeti” (VI-2-iii) i.e. “It thought (desired) Would that I were many! Let me procreate myself!” The Aitareya Upanishad says,”Sa ikshat ‘lokannusrija’ iti (I-1-i) i.e. “He bethought himself (desired) – ‘Let me create worlds’, etc. etc.
    It is written in Chapter VII of Srimad Bhagavadgita : Sri Bhagwan said, “Arjun, now listen how with the mind attached to Me and practicing Yoga with absolute dependence on Me, you will know Me in entirety and without any shadow of doubt” (1). I shall unfold to you in its entirety this wisdom alongwith the Knowledge of the qualified aspect of God, having known which nothing else remains yet to be known in this world (2). Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, reason and also ego; these constitute My nature eightfold divided. This indeed is My lower (material) nature : the other than this, by which the whole universe is sustained, know it to be My higher nature in the form of Jiva, O Arjuna. (4-5). Arjuna, know that all beings have evolved from this twofold Prakriti, and that I am the source of the entire creation, and into Me again it disappears.(6)
    The Radhasoami Religion also tells that, the ‘Word’ mentioned above is in fact Current of Sound or Current of Consciousness or Prime Current of Spirituality which was issued forth from its Source, or Creator or God. This Current has later on produced light and other forces. The scientists are discussing these days about dark energy which constitute about 96% of the entire universe which is not known to us. Only 4% part of the universe is known to us by all scientific means. In fact this 96% invisible portion of the universe is the vast expanse of spirituality which can be designated as field of gravitational waves in scientific terms. Visible portion of the universe (4%) consists of consciousness (gravitational force), mental force (electromagnetic waves) and material force (strong and weak nuclear force).
    Body = Nuclear Force (weak as well as strong)
    Mind = Electromagnetic Force.
    Consciousness = Gravitation Force.
    According to Radhasoami Religion the whole Universe can be sub-divided into three grand divisions viz.
    1. Region of Pure Spirituality
    2. Region of Subtle Maya
    3. Region of Gross Maya
    Nuclear forces dominate Region of Gross Maya (Gross Material Region), Electro-magnetic forces dominate Region of Subtle Maya (Subtle Material Region) and Gravitational Force dominates Pure Spiritual Region.
    This is the only Truth which can be verified scientifically and can be termed as ‘higher theory for everything’. This also supports the statement of Sir Sahabji Maharaj that ‘the goal of science – Truth; the goal of philosophy – Ultimate Reality; and the goal of religion – God’ are the three names of same supreme essence.
    Many things are common between Current of Consciousness and Gravitational Wave.
    1. Current of consciousness can not be seen by any means and gravitational wave can also not be seen.
    2. Current of consciousness is the weakest force on earth. Its strength goes on increasing on higher regions. Gravitational force is also very weak on earth and strong on Sun and even more stronger on black holes.
    3 Tendency of both current of consciousness and gravitational waves are towards their source or centre.
    4. Current of consciousness and gravitational force are both regarded as the creater of all the celestial and terrestrial bodies of the whole universe. They are also sustainer of these and when they turn back towards their source or centre the whole universe will collapse.
    Hence it can be assumed that the source of current of consciousness and gravitational wave is the same i.e. God or ultimate creator.
    This theory is based on scientific deduction. In scientific terms it can be said that the ‘gravitons’ are the elementaryparticle which was issued forth in the beginning of the creation accompanying with sound ‘Radha’

    Many views on the Origin of Universe are available. Most popular view is that universe was born with a big-bang from a highly dense energy point. But I have some different view on it. I think the universe was not born from a concentrated point or ball like structure but it has been evolved from an infinite vast expanse of field of gravity. Philosophically or religiously we may call it field of consciousness or spirituality.
    A great flow of current of gravitation force descended down from this source and has created many regions of pure gravitation force below it. This was the creation for quite some time in the first phase of the creational process. In the second phase, with a Big-Bang, when the current of gravitation force further descended down then electromagnetic forces and matter (weak and strong nuclear forces)manifested and the entire universe of the second phase was completed with the admixture of all the forces viz., gravitation force, electromagnetic forces, and matter (weak and strong nuclear forces. The completion of the whole cosmos in two phases was also hinted in one of the speeches of Prof. J.V.Narlikar some years back. When the process of creation of universe reverts back the matter merges into electromagnetic force and then finally electromagnetic forces merge into gravitation force and nothing remains except field of gravity. The cycle of universe completes like this.

  13. Hello Anirudh –

    Just a quick word…I haven’t forgotten you. My apologies, but I’ve been busy with somethings and have every intent to interact with you further. Please keep an ear out for my responding soon.

    Thank you,

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