LAW: More of it = Less

Been reading through the excerpt (Intro/Chp.1) of Mike Horton’s upcoming book:  Gospel-Driven Life.  Typical-Horton stuff.  I like it!  Putting the Gospel where it belongs…at the life-center for the disciple/church.  And yet! (no surprise for those who know me), 5 pages into Chapter 1, there’s this age-old way of seeing the Law (Third Use) as ‘a-guide-for-life.’  
I understand that this is the ‘majority view’ among reformed men.  Problem is…I don’t think Scripture bears this witness (see Rom.8).  

 “Only the radical news concerning Jesus Christ can distract us from all the trivial pursuits and transform us from the inside out. Only the gospel can cause such a radical reevaluation of our core identity that we’re willing, like Paul, to throw away what we thought was a great resume in exchange for being found in Christ. In fact, once the gospel reconfigures our whole take on reality, it even opens us up to God’s law again as the concrete expression of God’s moral will for our relationship to him and to each other. No longer condemning us, it guides us.”  (emph. mine, mjm)


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