TIRESOME: Blogging

Finally broke with a scheduled blog entry every three days.  This type of thing tends to get old, as do many things, including blog reading and the Internet in general.

The intention is to continue blogging… just not sure how often.  Not that there is, or should be, a great following of this blog, which demands the need for a great effort on my part. 

As mentioned elsewhere, the main reason for this blog is that it operates as a repository for worthwhile things found on the Internet (other blogs, etc) and some personal thoughts. I used to do something like this in a Word Document, but thought to make it public for a few friends with whom I interact. 

The hope too was that this blog might prove useful in some small way in the future in demonstrating something of what it means to be a Gospel-oriented believer.  At least for those who have already begun to come under the sway of the fuller ramifications of the Gospel as the creative and sustain Word of God.

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