Creation: Of the Church by Death

Chad Breeson of Vossed World once mentioned:

 “Understanding Jewish parallelism in both comparison and contrast, especially as it occurs in chiasm, has been part of that huge a-ha moment from which I haven’t recovered.  

“Paul could’ve just written about the new creation and given us some assertions.  Instead, he uses a hymn that is juxtaposed such a way that we come away with a view of the church that is magnificent.  I often hear someone speaking of creation…”Isn’t it great that every molecule is held together by God… he spoke all of this into existence and keeps all of this in motion.. etc. etc.”  But I want to tell them, thanks to the parallelism, that there is something even more mesmerizing… Christ has spoken into existence (new creation ex nihilo) and breathed life into a church with life-giving breath, an existence that he continues to sustain… every molecule of her existence is held together by Christ… and to top it off… Christ died for the church to make it happen.  The church is an amazing creation whose very existence depends on its life-giving source… its “firstborn”.


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