Christianity and Politics (two-kingdoms)

For a very informative discussion about the two-kingdom perspective and its application here and now: “the White Horse Inn, Michael Horton conducts a roundtable discussion on Christianity & Politics, with special guests D.G. Hart (author of A Secular Faith: Why Christianity Favors the Separation of Church & State), Dan Bryant (former Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice) and Neil McBride (a strategist for the Democratic Party).”


Christianity and Politics (part 1)


Christianity and Politics (part 2)


2 responses to “Christianity and Politics (two-kingdoms)

  1. Matt,
    I listened to these; liked them. On my favorite (my only) discussion board, we had the typical put-downs of the show. But I have hopes that patience (and Holy Spirit) is changing minds.

    I’m sick of the cloying Stat-olatry smothering the church, and I’m not afraid to challenge people who have put their confidence in princes to rethink that.

  2. I hear ya, Bruce!

    On a discussion board that I frequent, there’s been some of the same.

    It’s interesting how these things get distorted and are so widely accepted.

    Appreciate your making an effort to challenge folks to give some thought to confusing ‘heaven’ and ‘earth’.

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