Grace-Sanctified by Faith in Christ

Jason Buzzard:  “315 years after its original publication, I believe that Marshall’s thesis [The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification.] is as important and urgent as ever–that Christians grow in obedience to Christ by the power of the gospel, not by their own strength. I’ve found that most all Christians agree on justification by faith, but that very few Christians realize that our sanctification is also by faith. Marshall’s book is a clear, winsome, and persuasive articulation of the gospel-centered nature of sanctification.”

Monergism  “Walter Marshall lays out the biblical way of growth: obedience comes as Christians live by grace, in union with Christ, by faith.  …His basic proposition may seem foreign to many modern believers, who are desperately striving to produce in themselves the fruits of obedience, and so guarantee God’s continuing favor. But it is as scriptural as it is refreshing: sanctification, just like justification, is God’s free gift of grace, and can be apprehended only through the faith which looks to Christ and his perfect work.  The message of the gospel is that we do not become holy by doing, but by not doing – we do not work so that we may become holy, but we become holy by faith, with the result that we begin to work naturally, from our heart. Sadly, many who recognize this truth in the matter of justification forget it when it comes to sanctification. But we are no more able for the latter than we are for the former, apart from the work of Christ in us.  …[I]t is only through gospel faith that Christ’s power flows through us because of our vital union with him.



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