A prayer…

My prayer: that the comforts and accomplishments of the Cross of Christ would bear directly upon our whole persons, now and forever more.  That we would continue finding ourselves drawn to the magnitude of the historic and heavenly event done in Christ alone.  Not only that we might personally benefit from being obsessed with this Jesus, but that our children and children’s children…might have very firm grounds for both faith and life.


It never ceases to amaze me as to how important this Gospel (Good News about God’s reconciling all things in and through Christ) is in our having something of God-given identity, which no one or no thing can take from us, regardless of our faults and frailties.  Today, like never before, I find myself more consciously resting in the work of the Father’s hand.  This, and this alone, has an ability to deal with the twin-sins of pride and fear, both of which are nothing other than manifestations of an underlying sin (the womb of all sin), that is, idolatry. 


I keep working through this type of thinking which brings the root cause (idolatry) to the surface.  In coming to see more clearly what idolatry is, there is an associated growing in liberty to serve God and man with good will and clarity of conscience.  Seeing idolatry for what it truly is — our placing confidence or acceptance anywhere but on God in Christ (his cross-work and current priestly work) — will gradual lead to our serving others without the motive of fear or pride.


This day marks a time when the greater glories of Christ are shining all the more brightly.  This is one passion that doesn’t wear-thin.  


May it be the case, that, each day is marked by a continuing and maturing passion for the glories of Christ found in that emblem of shame, the Cross.


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