THE Ultimate Gift —> unto fruitfulness

I’ve been pondering of late… What is it that we call “loving one another“? 


Initial thoughts:  Only as the total abandonment of Christ unto the Father sinks deeper and deeper into our consciousness, are we then likely to find ourselves being more thoroughly poured out for those around us, unto His honor.   Otherwise, we are left with merely an exchange of that which others kindly reciprocate or thankfully receive from us. 


We tend to “give freely” unto those who return the same.  Yet, it’s another matter when we can give for the sake of giving unto His honor and our neighbors good (regardless of whether or not they see the “good”).  He who gives all-things-ultimate won’t forget our much-lesser-giving, and even promises to bless our relatively minor reflections of His ultimate Gift.  


As we grasp what’s been Cross-given, we then give-out-of-the-Cross, seeking no payment, counting no wrongs.  


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