Affirming and Appropriating Christ as Lord and Savior

Today, I find myself to have an ever greater affinity with a growing number of Continental/Presbyterian brethren, who, continue at one and the same time to: a) affirm essential elements of the Truth held within the historic Reformed faith; while, b) seeking to appropriate a maturing theological-historical understanding in thier handling of the Text.  Many are coming to the point of seeing that their presuppositions need to be more biblically grounded and that these need to be carefully employed within a self-consistent body of truth which builds upon Christ crucified, the Gospel reign, the Law fulfilled and faded. 


We live in interesting times; indeed, there’s an excitement to be found as men dig deeper into the manifold riches of Christ.  Truly, the Lord continues to adorn His bride with an increasingly sanctified mind about Him, thus growing her up in a fuller maturity in the graces of the mind of Christ and fruit of the Spirit, whereby the Truth effectually sanctifes inwardly and serves outwardly. 


Glory to God, that, the bride need not take herself too serious while she grows obsessed with Him.







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