Monergistically Sanctified!!!

Chad Bresson:  “I’d call it a paradox, not a contradiction.

“Enablement theology” (at least the way some in the Reform community postulate it) is veiled Romanism/humanism/Gnosticism all rolled into one.  He who perseveres to the end will be saved, but he who perseveres to the end will find it was God’s workmanship through the Spirit’s monergism all along to make it happen and it is Christ’s righteousness, not his own, which is vindicated at the last day as if it were his own.  Imputation doesn’t end with the point of origination of my salvation… it continues and will continue into eternity.  I will never have a righteousness I can call my own.

“We have been saved, we are being saved, and we will be saved.  None of it is me.  All of it is Christ.  If it is Romanist synergistic infusion/impartation to suggest that I have something to do with my past salvation, it surely is the case for my present (and future) salvation as well.

[This statment captures quite well how the Gospel (person & work of Christ) continues to be that single: focus & food of faith, giver & grower of grace, helm & home of hope, regulation & reign of righteousness, and life & liberty of love.  In a word, Chad unpacks how God is the Gospel! mm]


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