This is very likely one of the most succinct explanations of how the Gospel pertains to ALL faith and practice that I’ve yet heard!  Mike Bullmore has confirmed in this one message what I’ve been striving to grasp and communicate for a number of years now.

Thank you, MIKE!

Mike Bullmore, The Life: Applying the Gospel to ALL of Life



  1. I listened to this today. Thanks for the link. Made me want to hear it again some time.

    Something he said at the very beginning caught my ear: re. Col 1:6 “Which [gospel] is come unto you, as it is in all the world; and bringeth forth fruit, as it doth also in you, since the day ye heard of it, and knew the grace of God in truth:”

    3 Sundays ago, Mar23, I preached including this verse, titled: “The Fruit of the Gospel.” I believe it was my 4th message as I have started to preach Colossians. I followed it up the next week with “Filled with the Gospel,” (title taken from v9, “…filled with the knowledge of his will…”). Interesting how fruit/filled and gospel/Spirit are so closely connected (see Eph 5:9&18).

    As I explained to the congregation, being filled with this knowledge of God’s will has more to do with knowing as much as possible about God’s exercise of his own WILL, what he has DONE in promise and fulfillment of his decree on our behalf, than about what we are supposed to DO. Not that his will for our conduct is unimportant, but that it is not (as Paul says elsewhere) of FIRST importance.


  2. In that last paragraph, I meant to write (as I spoke): “… more to do with believing as much as possible…” which amounts to something very similar, but I was emphasizing the faith. Knowledge is for belief.

  3. Amen, Bruce!

    What I continue to find interesting is how little is said from many pulpits regarding this important correlation between faith and sanctification.

    Act 26:18 …that they may receive …a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me.

    Somehow, much of what’s said about sanctification tends to place the accent upon our striving (which of course is a facet of the whole) and not upon God’s ongoing sanctifying work in us (1Th5.23), understanding that the latter brings about the former, not merely by focusing upon the former.

    As John Murray put it: “We must also appreciate the fact that there is an agency on part of the Holy Spirit that far surpasses analysis or introspection on our part.” (_Redemption Accomplished and Applied_; pg.147)

    It gets shuffled aside, that, were first raised through faith in the powerful working of God demonstrated in Christ’s resurrection (Col 2:12), and that such a life in Christ continues by faith in the same (Rom.1.17; Heb.10.38; Gal.3.2-3).

    Our striving need be in *remembering* that Christ dwells in our hearts through faith (Eph 3:17), that our faith might rest in the power of God alone (1Co 2:5), which is manifest in the Gospel as ‘a’ word and ‘the’ Word (Rom.1.16; Heb.10.14).

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