Christ Goes Missing

 Chad Bresson:   “…I see in the hermeneutics of the people writing the books and preaching in the pulpits an eclipse of Christ in the whole of scriptures by ST and an of the grammatical historical hermeneutic.

“Every Sunday morning, Christ is eclipsed in reformed pulpits across this country precisely because typology is ignored or misunderstood. Moralism reigns in our evangelicalism because Christ is not presupposed as the metanarrative to which every passage of scripture points. I’ve said it many times on this blog… I’ll say it again here: our exegesis and our preaching must pass the offended Orthodox Jew test. If an orthodox or religious Jew is not offended by how I understand and proclaim the scriptures (esp. the OT), then I have not rightly preached the text.

G’Muse:  Well said, Chad!!! 


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