Navel-, not Christ-gazing

Fonville:  “Regrettably, justification-based assurance today is little known in Evangelical circles (and in Reformed/Presbyterian circles). Such widespread ignorance has led to much legalistic teaching and hypocrisy or unnecessary grief and despair. …Today, it has become all too common for pastors and teachers to base assurance on sanctification (fruit inspecting) at the expense of justification.”

G’M:  John Fonville has done a terrific job at expressing the simplicity and supremacy of the Gospel!  John, I am often led to wonder if you are a mind reader. 

As for the above quote, right on!  And if I may, I’d like to add that (as John’s pointed out again and again), though one might get the Gospel and Justification correct, unfortunately it is not always the case that one will then necessarily understand the Gospel and Sanctification relationship.  This latter problem is what we here in the Northeast are often confronted with, sadly even in Reformed/Presbyterian churches.  Without a doubt there’s a lasting and widespread effect still being felt here of both Colonial theonomy (New England Puritanism) and Revivalism.   



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