Ah…Revival (of existentialism)

Bresson:  “[Y]ou now have some at the extreme left of the ECM [Emergent Church Movement] now getting fuzzy with the resurrection and the virgin birth. They have nowhere else to go with their hermeneutic. They must insist, such as one liberal emergent does in a recent book, that the resurrection belongs entirely to faith, not history. The “story” or “narrative” is postured as a product of the faith community, rather than having an objective, external Source (and now, we’ve come full circle back to Vos’s generation when inerrancy and inspiration were the defining issues), the incarnate Christ, THE Revelation of God.“Against this idea, we must insist that Christ himself is THE argument against the postmodern hermeneutic used by much of the ECM. The continuing Incarnation in the heavenlies is grounded in history. The Incarnate Christ himself is witness against the idea that the confession of our faith is a product of the faith community.


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