Theonomy… ALL GROWN UP!

R.Scott Clark on the bottom-line; once again, the Kingdom is domesticated:

“I would only add that the prominence of the their postmil (to my way of thinking, triumphalist) eschatology says two things. One it signals the how important the cultural agenda is for the FV. Second, it signals the degree to which the movement is fueled by their optimistic eschatology. I have sometimes wondered if the whole FV movement is really a way to facilitate their program for world Christianization. If every baptized person is united to Christ “head for head” in an “all or nothing” relationship from which they can apostatize by failing to exercise sufficient covenant faithfulness, that would seem to open the doors to a broader, more synergistic religion that might be a little more marketable, in its own way, to greater numbers of people. It’s a theological way to claim the prevalence of Christianity by redefining it.

“If you’re a narrow confessionalist, the world might look a little darker, but if every baptized person is united to Christ, well mate, things are looking up!

[emph. mm]

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