BLOOD APPLIED = godliness

“Why do I seek to find some law or practice or ritual to make me more godly?

…I am drawn to think that I could just learn one more truth, or find one more formula, or have one more experience, or get into the right fellowship — then my battle with sin would diminish. The right leader, the right theology, the right diet, the right worship style — these are what I need.

…No — power comes from the Gospel and its being applied.

…But I like externals. I like food and drink and rituals and forms and experiences and knowledge and disciplines. I think they make me godly. They are things I can get my hands around. If dressing up on Sunday and putting my 10% into the offering and attending a small group is what God expects — that is doable. I can check that off my list. But God is after so much more. The blood of Christ applied to our lives by the Spirit makes us godly.”

[Eat the whole meatball at…GospelDrivenLife: The new and self help Christianity]


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