FRUIT OF THE LAW is SIN! (for sinners)

Thoughts by Mark Lauterbach, re: the Old Covenant’s anticipating failure.

  1. Take Deuteronomy–> As Moses is preparing the people to enter the land, God tells him the people will rebel (31:16-21) and then Moses exhorts them to apply themselves to the law. Then he says, “Now I know that you will not do this. You will sin and God will judge you.” (31:27, 29).
  2. Read the OT from beginning to end –> Expectations are raised and then crushed by sin. No judge, no king, no priest, no prophet ever measured up. The OT is written so we end up on our tiptoes looking for the Messiah, because it is clear that he has not come.

What was the purpose of this?

  1. God had not failed–> He prepared the world for the Savior by giving to one nation (representative of any nation) as many religious and spiritual advantages as could be asked for. The fruit of that was sin. Sin will not be pried from our hearts by education, moral instruction, religious experiences, visions of God, miracles, or the best of human leaders. That is the point.
  2. Law had not failed–> As the dye received to reveal cancer through a CT Scan is not a failure. The law is a tracer chemical and it reveals the disease and its power. It is supposed to take away our hope in ourselves.

[The Law of Moses was meant to confirm sin in SINNERS and righteousness in The RIGHTEOUS…Jesus of Nazareth. mm]

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