"EVER" as opposed to "EASY"

Easy Believism? Truly an oxymoron!

What’s so easy about having to always believe that the work of Christ is all sufficient for salvation (from justification to glorification), particularly when our natural bent is to easily place trust in our own feeble attempts at procuring God’s favor, though when faced with His wrath our self-righteousness slows a bit, being more inclined to quake?

If there is such a thing as ‘easy believism‘, which in some sense I’m willing to admit to, I dare say that it will have a whole lot less to do with Christ crucified than it likely will a superficial response to a watered-down presentation of mere hell-fire.

These two things make ‘easy believism.’ a very unlikely reality among those who clearly see Christ in His righteousness as eternal Mediator:

1) The Gospel is not intuitive, even as it relates to the question of a sinner’s justification before a thrice holy God, let alone how it pertains to everything else (creation and re-creation).

2) The faith, which is created and sustained by this Gospel, is a gift that does not stop giving!

“EVER BELIEVING” might better describe those who wholly rely upon an eternal gospel.

The problem isn’t so much a so-called “believer at easy” with whatever, but the careless way they might have been convinced by others, that, the Kingdom is theirs for the asking, and all this without the eternal weight of glory in Christ crucified crushing in upon them, thus leaving an indelible mark!

Without this cosmic confrontation with the face of God in Christ, man is ‘stillborn’. What then often goes by the name of ‘easy believism‘ is nothing more than another dynamic of a Christ-less Christianity.


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