again…GOSPEL-DRIVEN Parenting

[T]he larger issue of how the obedience of believers – their sanctification – relates to their justification, [thus] we ask:

1) Are the children learning from us that the practical, personal obedience God requires of believers is the way to become a justified person or the way a justified person becomes?

2) When you tell a child to do something, and insist on his obedience – which you should – are you leading the child to think that his good behavior is the root that grows into justification, or a fruit that flows from justification by faith alone?

3) Are we helping the children see saving faith both as the way we have Christ’s righteousness as the basis of our acceptance with God, and as the way we have Christ’s power to become like him in daily life?

4) Are we keeping both those things together but in the right order:

a) faith in Christ as the link first to his perfection and pardon, and second as to his purifying power – the one for justification (his perfection and pardon),


b) the other for sanctification (his purifying power)?

The same faith linking us to Christ for both!!!

J. Piper

[emph. mm]

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