D.A. Carson on What Is The Gospel?

Eight Defining Words on 1 Corinthians 15:

#1 The Gospel is Christological.
The gospel is Christ-centered.
#2 The Gospel is Theological.
The cross & resurrection are not mere historical events, but are full of theological weight.
#3 The Gospel is Biblical.
Christ’s life, death, and resurrection are in accordance with the Scriptures. Luke 24, Psalm 16, Psalm 2, and Isaiah 53 are key texts.
#4 The Gospel is Apostolic.
The apostles were eyewitnesses to the resurrection.
#5 The Gospel is Historical.
This is in contrast to many other religious systems.
#6 The Gospel is Personal.
This gospel brings powerful personal transformation.
#7 The Gospel is Universal.
The gospel is void of racism and favoritism.
#8 The Gospel is Eschatological.
The future impinges on the present and a great future awaits us through the gospel.

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