The following are comments I made over at Riddleblog:

“There’s much good that’s been said here and elsewhere through the years concerning Kline’s covenant theology. It’s been a pleasure to read these blog responses and those on other blogs, due primarily to my immense appreciation for the labor of an ordinary godly man, Meredith Kline, who’s taken us places few have tread.“Dr. Kline is forever a challenge to all who take serious covenant-historical thinking. I trust there will be generations to come who will likewise find him rightly taking the status quo to task.“Some years ago I started becoming familiar with the whole notion of biblical theology and Kline’s name constant came to the fore. Those were the days when Lee Irons and Bill Baldwin would go round and round with others who opposed (or minimize) the notion of a covenant of works (with both Adam in Creation and Israel in Canaan). No doubt my head was swirling, but thankfully I had a friend who eventually helped me sort it out after some time.

“Unfortunately, there were other influences abroad that steered my thinking away from considering further the validity of what Kline (and others of like mind) posited. Some of these antagonists of Kline (today Shepherdians) were tangling with Irons/Baldwin back when. I was so close then to hearing what today I believe to be a most sound handling of Scripture, yet, for some time the path went in a way toward the Federal Vision crowd.

“It wasn’t until I sat down and read through all the works of Kline, Ridderbos, and Riddlebarger that I realized how far away from Scripture my understanding of the Kingdom had come. Once the Kingdom and its covenant administrations came clearly into view…it was all over, and did the FAT LADY SING! 😉

“My apologies for carrying on here Kim, but perhaps a hearty thanks to YOU will smooth things over a bit. Your labors in bringing forth a well-honed eschatology has played such an integral part in viewing the box top of this whole puzzle. And thanks for the opportunity here to express our heart-felt appreciation for God’s kindness to us in Meredith’s ministry of the Gospel.


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