Robust view of common grace…

This bears upon the question of what educational forum one will choose for their child. Included among many other questions needing to be asked there’s:

‘What measure of common grace exists, or is it essentially denied?’

There are a number of erroneous (“Thus saith the Lord”) perspectives that are likely to be encountered along the way. Listed below are some tendencies which: a) confuse things “common” & “holy”, and/or b) fail to appreciate that how we educate our children is a matter of conscience.

  1. Classical-centered approach — sacralizes “the older the better”
  2. Church-centered approach — sacralizes whatever Christians can do (i.e., teach math, etc.)
  3. Home-centered approach — sacralizes domestic life
  4. Social-centered approach — sacreligious about God and man

A common denominator links these varieties… FUNDAMENTALISM (both secular and eccleisastical)!

Common grace is a commodity hard to come by.

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