Against the tide…

Over at DeRegnisDuobus there’s a conversation regarding education of children, and the following question was posed: “If you’re against public schools, tell us why.” Bearing in mind it is not public education itself that I have concerns with (understanding the usual principle norms there can be found in other educational contexts as well), my response was as follows:

To begin, we are concerned with any educational context that inhibits the general welfare of the child, which unfortunately includes even the home in some instances. No doubt there are circumstances where the child is better off away from mom and/or dad for at least part of the day. Though providing a suitable education (whether done by you or delegated to someone else) is a great parental obligation, this is but one facet of nurturing their lives.Ours three sons (13,11&11) are educated at home for at least two reasons: relational and principle.

Among many other interests, there is the desire to preserve and nurture relations for a lifetime. Education at home is one way to provide a consistent daily interface with adults who are both honest sinners and striving to be gracious, in hopes of building a genuine trust upon enduring associations (regardless of whether the child is ever converted).

Essential we find it, to provide a context that abhors manipulation by parent, peer or himself, wherein there is a consistent opposition to premature exposure to forces opposed to the common good. Fostering a reasonable measure of development for particular life-experiences is fundamental.

Maintenance of a realistic and practical poise on both culture and life in general is a daily endeavor. Providence, we trust, will not ‘leave any of our children behind’.

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