"already" in perspective

Thus far (end of chp.2) Peterson’s comments on sanctification confirm how I myself understand Scripture. Without a doubt, this work by David challenges the typical emphasis folks place on sanctification in the progressive sense, to the point of obscuring its definitive nature, which as mentioned below…leans toward distorting the very Gospel itself:

“What will it mean to view one another as those already sanctified in Christ?“Here I would simply draw attention to the fact that we quickly lose patience with one another when we are slow to change. For example, we are glad to receive new converts into our churches, but sometimes reject them on the ground of continuing sin or because they fail to fit into the culture of the local church. This is particularly true for those who come in from the fringes of our society. But when we overwhelm people with conditions which they must fulfil to prove they are
making progress as Christians,
we distorted the Gospel. We must learn to accept them as those already sanctified in Christ Jesus.

David Peterson, _Possessed by God_, p.49

[emphasis mine — mttm]


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