Grace everywhere = Works everywhere

Dug up part of a conversation on the Yahoo! BT List.

Music to my ears!

W.K. Howard:

“Some of us believe a glaring weakness in some areas of reformed RHBT is a failure to affirm the Covenant of Works with Adam and in the Mosaic economy. This isn’t merely a systematic problem, but a BT-exegetical one, IMHO. Salvation history isn’t merely a story of God’s love and grace, but also of his forensic justice.”

Chad Bresson’s reply:

“Preach it, brother! This is one of the reasons I was seeking BT questions for a revamped Bible exam. I am finding more and more candidates coming out of various seminaries who want to inject grace into the covenant of works. A system with grace everywhere winds upbeing a system of grace nowhere and works everywhere.”


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