doctrinal necessity for unity

Chad Bresson makes some crucial points concerning both the Doctrinal and Communal interest of the Body of Christ:

A) [A]s they [the church] apply the “word of life” to their situation… they are applying Christ himself to the situation. Sound doctrine, first and foremost, is a Person, not an academic exercise. Sound doctrine is not first and foremost a body of thought and practice that is used to defend the truth. Sound doctrine is first and foremost a Person who is Truth Incarnate.

B) Doctrinal and behavioral decline can only be answered by holding fast to Christ and His Word in corporate unity with those who are in fellowship with Him.

C) The gospel and its unfolding in redemptive revelation, this entire body of truth – grounded in and centered on Christ — is eternal life for our souls.

D) In summary, John’s answer to the doctrinal decline and threat of irrelevance around him is to Proclaim Christ. The Proclamation is Christ. The Proclamation is life. If we do not feed either our people or those who are seeking Christ, we do not give them or offer them life. Christ is not just merely a data point in a sermon or an evangelism presentation (i.e. Jesus died for your sins). Christ *is* the presentation.

E) The point of this is that there is danger of eclipsing Christ when we contextualize the gospel with pragmatism and synergism.

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