jerks, good ones

Part of a post made on Clark…please allow me to clarify my previous comments. I had suggested that there might be a “third” type of jerk (among both clergy and laity) which is legitament. That is, those who genuinely out-grow their peers (whether clergy or laity) and superiors in the local reformed church scenerio. Perhaps this wasn’t exactly the point you were trying to drive home with your initial comments, I suppose that’s the case.

Nonetheless, I find it interesting that few are willing (if not most all) to openly discuss the difficulties folks face when they come to understand that the reformed church in town they initially found to be home became something other, and there’s no where else to turn. What I’m suggesting here isn’t that “reformed is not enough” but that, SAYING you’re “reformed” is not enough, particularly when it comes to bear that the only thing representing the reformed faith in that place is the WCF at the back of the hymnal, and not the preaching or sacraments, both of which are handled in something other than a covenantal manner. BTW, when speaking of being “covenantal” here, something other than mono-covenantalism is meant, rather, I’m thinking more like unto Dr. Kline and others.

Please, sir, understand that our plight here in Albany, NY has been one of contending with hard-shell “reformed” Baptists, hard-line “reformed” fundamentalists/theonomists, and hard-nosed “reformed” evangelicals/revivalists. If I were to guess…you’d be very glad for us that we’ve “outgrown” each and every one of these adherent “reformed” types.

In this…I proudly stand a JERK!

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