jerks, types of

My comments below are in response to R.Scott Clark’s interesting post at:

Is it possible that there’s a third category of “jerks” among us?

Perhaps you are, or know, one of them…the type who continues studying Scripture/theology and ends up outgrowing the local reformed church he’s in. No matter how “nice” the appeal, there exists a disinterest/opposition (perhaps merely unspoken) to one who probes established norms (doctrinal) that genuinely may be in need of polishing.

Not only are such jerks in the pew, but some are faithful reformed pastors that have been carelessly labeled “troubler’s of Israel” and are no longer permitted to actively herald publicly the glorious gospel of our Lord, all due to their outgrowing some of their peers.

As for reformed congregations being cold…surely not all of them can be, thankfully. And yet, commonly, our experience has overwhelmingly consisted of reformed churches bearing the likeness to polar hinterlands. Admittedly, this may have to do with geo-political reasons related to our being in the Great Northeast/New England.

Perhaps in the greater “New” England region it is rude to inquire about the congregation’s health, theologically?

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