dropkicks and grin-n-bear-its

“I would dropkick a church that had great liturgy if Christ was not being preached in a second. I would also tolerate a lot that was not ideal liturgically if Christ was being preached.” (Toby Kurth)


Only wish the latter existed in our area; unfortunately, the former are commonplace, and too often with the Supper as the only conscious expression of the gospel to be readily found among them, though this generally lacks a necessary biblico-covenantal flavoring.

 Thankfully, there are a growing number of beloved brethren abroad, who continue mindful that the “old” school didn’t paint the whole picture (and neither will they). Commonly, they arise from within the ranks of reformed confessionalists, as those who understand the call for an ever-refining (sanctifying) movement forward, theologically.

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