form w/o substance

Once again another nugget from Mr. Kurth:

“Evangelical Presbyterians continued adhering to the WCF, but lost covenant theology, as the Puritans and Edwardseans had before them. When it becomes all about “me” and “what I believe and do” then I lose sight of redemptive history. Understanding the covenantal context in which God relates to mankind is critical.” ~Toby Kurth

[emph. mine ~mm]

We experienced this type of thing ourselves within the last “reformed” church we attended.

During the “membership class” which my three sons were attending, the pastor explicitely stated something to the effect that he “did not hold to a covenantal view but rather to the WCF.”

The implications of such a hollowed-out position marked other aspects of the life and teaching of this congregation, unfortunately. Let’s just say that the yoke that congregation bore resembled something more like unto Moses than Christ.

Not uncommon. FORM w/out SUBSTANCE.

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