busy week

This has been a very laborious week at work (surveying). With the season fast coming to a close (in the Northeast), we’ve now formally entered “crunch-time.” Hurry, hurry, hurry.

You know the ‘going-gets-rough’ when your attempting to survey with the aid of a flashlight at 8 pm on a Friday. Not good.

Anyway, hoping to get around again to more regularly posting on this blog. Perhaps this blog will in the very least represent the concern that the Gospel is of “first priority.”

In case one was wondering about the name change from Dual Cov’t to Gospel Muse…well, I don’t consider my own thoughts to be the finest expressions of Covenant Theology, so I’ve opted for a simplier approach. One in which the aim is to answer: 1) WHAT the Gospel is by definition, and; 2) HOW the Gospel applies to all things, regulating the whole of the Christian life.

Simply put, mine is an interest in the ‘form & function’ of the Gospel, believing that this has very much to do with all else.


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